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Golden Goal Tours 2019

Golden Goal Tour, Germany.

Golden Goal Soccer Academy, is very pleased to announce that we have finally released the dates for our 2019 international soccer tours. These tours will be another great opportunity for our youth players to meet and play against teams from some of the top European soccer academies.

Our first tour will be to Spain, where our 2007 team will train twice a day at the Real Madrid training facility, for seven days. The 2007 team will also play a few exhibition games in Madrid. Our players will have the opportunity to train at world class facilities such as Valdebebas, which is the training ground of Real Madrid CF. We hope that our players will gain a remarkable experience. The tour to Spain will occur between March 17 - March 27, 2019.

The second tour that Golden Goal will offer, will be for our 2006 and 2005 teams. The teams will have the chance to travel to Germany between March 27 - April 6, 2019. Our teams will play up to seven exhibition games with top level academy teams such as Stuttgart, FC Bayern, FC Augsburg, FC Nurnberg, Red Bull Salzburg, 1860 Munich, and many other teams. From previous experience, Golden Goal players who have attended the German tours had an opportunity not only to showcase themselves to German soccer, but to also receive tryout offers from some of the professional teams mentioned above.

Golden Goal's third tour will be offered to our U-17 and Pro-Line players. These two groups will travel to Croatia, where they will train and play exhibition games against Croatian teams. This tour is designed for professional player development, and is a possibility for our players to tryout with some Croatian clubs. This tour will be a great opportunity for our players to find out how young players train and play in this "miracle soccer" country. The Croatian tour will occur between August 7 - August 19, 2019.

All interested players in the mentioned age groups, can contact us if they are interested in attending our international tours.

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