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Golden Goal Soccer Academy is very happy to announce the development of the new GGX program. Golden Goal Soccer Academy has designed the GGX program in cooperation with two of the best soccer academies in the world.

The purpose of the GGX program is to give opportunities to serious players to train with other players of the same calibre, which is one of the key elements for developing an elite player.

The GGX methodology will elevate individual talent, and develop players through the values of sportsmanship and passion for soccer. The GGX program will also foster individual paths, focus on professional development, and opportunities for each player. We will build strong and intelligent players capable of succeeding through life challenges.

For players interested in joining the first phase of tryouts for the GGX program, registration must occur before February 10, 2020. After three phases of tryouts, successful players will be invited to join one of three levels of the GGX program.

The three levels are:

1. GGX GOLD - This level is a custom built program, where players will train in the exact same way as those who train in any top academy in Europe. This program will only be for players who are fully dedicated to soccer. The program objectives include technical training like no other, custom physical conditioning and strength plans, tactical and mental preparation, as well provide the highest competition program against top level European clubs (academies).

2. GGX SILVER - This level will help good players become great players. The program will focus on small details which are preventing players from reaching their full potentials. GGX SILVER will ensure both the optimization of performance and enjoyment of the game will exist in every session.

3. GGX BRONZE - This level will deliver an avenue for players to train and develop in a proper way. The program is mostly designed to improve a player's technical abilities with the addition of some tactical and fitness components.

In order to register players need to email us at :

A full program presentation will be presented to all players who are accepted into the program.

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